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School Supply

School Consultations

We support classrooms!

Our team of behavior specialists and occupational therapists are here to support students, parents, and teachers to create success in the classroom. Our therapeutic practice employs evidence-based methods to address the individualized needs of each child across the domains of cognition, motor skills, adaptive skills, social-emotional development, and behavior. Our team is here to help create a positive learning environment for all students and teachers - from facilitating individual behavior plans to handwriting help and social groups. 

School & Daycare Consultation Services Include

FREE Classroom Observations (ABA & OT)

Handwriting Evaluations & Interventions

Handwriting Groups

Early Intervention Evaluations 

IEP Consultations & Support

Transition & Behavior Plans

Daily Schedules

Sensory Diets

Behavior Intervention Resources

Social Groups

Emotional Regulation Tools

Parent & Teacher Training

Recreational/Adaptive Fitness & Sports

ABA Therapy: Our Services
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